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Benefits of an Attic Fan

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When was the last time that you went into your attic? If you have, you know that it is REALLY HOT in the summer time. Did you know that the addition of an attic fan has many benefits including reducing the temperature in your attic? Let’s look at a few here.

1. A Cooler House. 

During hot weather, the sun will heat the roof, which will transfer to the attic. Attic fans remove warm air from the attic, and that can help keep the rest of your home cooler, too. Air from a hot attic can seep into your house and make your air conditioner work harder and more often. Not only does that increase your electricity bill, but it can also decrease the lifespan of your roof, air conditioner, and insulation. You can reduce the temperature in your attic by 30-50 degrees, increase the life of your AC, and save you up to 30% off your AC bill!

2. Asphalt Roof Protection. 

A primary benefit of attic fans is that they help maintain the integrity of asphalt roof shingles to slow deterioration and prevent warping. Many people don’t know that a poorly ventilated attic accelerates shingle aging and warps the roof’s wood sheathing. They won’t make your roof last forever, but attic fans may reduce the wear and tear, improving the years of use you get out of your roof and delaying expensive replacement costs. 

3. Discourages Mold Growth. 

Without good circulation, moisture can accumulate and result in the spread and growth of mold. This is a risk during both hot and cool times of the year. By moving moist, stagnant air out of the attic, attic fans assist with keeping moisture from building up and, ultimately, help to create conditions less welcoming to mold. 

4. Eliminate Ice Damming. 

Ice dams can cause serious damage for people in some cold climates. It typically happens to attics with poor ventilation during cold weather. Warm air in the attic causes snow on the roof to melt. As the water drips and flows, it ends up refreezing into ice that blocks eaves and accumulates around roof edges. This can lead to mold, as well as water and structural damage throughout various areas of the roof, joists, drywall, and just about anywhere else. 

5. A silent partner. 

One of the best reasons to install attic gable fans is that they work around the clock all year long! They quietly do the job of keeping your attic safe and clean, regulating temperature, and keeping moisture levels down. With very little attention or maintenance, you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing by installing attic gable fans. 

6. Affordable.

A typical attic fan installation runs between $500 to $800 depending on the model and your roof type. The ROI (Return on Investment) is typically less than 2 years.



Attic fans are a perfect tool for a place we don’t visit often, they work year-round to help keep your home cool, protect your roof framing and structure, and keep your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems functioning smoothly. And by keeping the air circulating as it should, attic gable fans will help control the air and moisture flow in your seldom visited space. You will save money instantly.

 Put simply; attic fans do the hard work of keeping your attic systems running so that you don’t have to! An Eco Air Solutions Pro can determine which type of attic fan is best for your home.

 How do I get started? 

That’s the easy part – give us a call! An Eco Air Solutions Pro will come out, perform an inspection, and give you a free estimate on how we can get attic gable fans installed and working for you. We look forward to helping you lower your energy bill! 


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