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A Whole House Fan is For You

Live a Cleaner, Cooler, Healthier Life

Air conditioning is costly to run, and cycling the same air through your house concentrates pollutants. Your QuietCool whole house fan brings a fresh, clean breeze inside, lowers your carbon footprint, and runs for a tenth of the cost! You can save 50-90% off of your AC usage when used effectively.


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Whole House Fan FAQs

1. What is a whole house fan?

A Whole house fan uses a powerful exhaust fan in the attic to draw fresh air into your house through your windows and doors, lowering the Thermal Heat Mass of your home.

1. What is a whole house fan?

A whole house fan uses a powerful exhaust fan in the attic to draw fresh air into your house through your windows and doors, lowering the Thermal Heat Mass of your home.

2. How does it work?

The whole house fan system could not be simpler; you open a few windows throughout your house, turn on the fan, and enjoy the fresh, cool breeze running through your rooms, replacing hot, dirty, stagnant air with cool, clean outside air.

3. Does a Whole House Fan work in Arizona?

Certainly! In Arizona, our arid climate ensures that the air doesn’t trap heat in the humidity that other climates struggle with. When the sun sets, our air cools down rapidly. The “shoulder months” of mid September thru mid June, are the perfect time to use a whole house fan because the night time temperatures are 20-30 degrees cooler than the day time. You can actually heat your home in the winter months when the outside temps are in the 70s.

4. When should I run my Whole House Fan?

Whenever the outside air temperature is low enough to appreciate a breeze, it will be welcome into your home. Simply run your whole house fan in the cool of the morning, then shut the windows, and a properly insulated house will stay cool all day!

5. How much does it cost to run a Whole House Fan?

Because there is no cooling apparatus, the Whole House Fan system can run for mere pennies. You will see no significant change in your power bill, unlike when you run your air conditioner. You will save 50-90% off of your AC usage while using your whole house fan. A whole house fan is about 10% of the cost to run AC.

6. What are the benefits of a Whole House Fan?

Benefits include efficiently cooling your home, replacing indoor pollutants with fresh outdoor air, and significantly reducing your energy consumption.

7. Is there any maintenance required with a Whole House Fan?


8. Are Whole House Fans loud?

As the name suggests,the Quiet Cool fan system is quieter than running a floor fan or a window AC unit. Some customers have reported forgetting that it’s on at all, and being able to run it while they are asleep.

9. Do I need a dedicated circuit for my Whole House Fan?

No! The fan draws so few amps that we are able to wire it into an existing power source in the attic.

10. Can I use a Whole House Fan if I have air conditioning?

Absolutely! Running the Whole House Fan before turning on the AC replaces the hot, polluted indoor air with cooler fresh air, so the AC can run more efficiently and less often. However, some customers report that properly using the fan means they rarely need to use their AC. Your AC will turn on much later in the day and you will be able to turn it off sooner in the afternoon/evening to enjoy the cool outside air. You will rarely need to use their AC in the Fall and Spring months.

11. How much roof venting do I need?

This depends on the size fan that you get installed. When we arrive to do the installation, we will be able to quickly assess exactly how much ventilation you will need to meet the warranty requirements as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. “Homes in the Phoenix metro area, however, are generally vented adequately, so no extra vents need to be added.”

12. How long will it take to cool down my house?

The moving, fresh air means you can feel the difference immediately, however, the drop in temperature will be influenced by  the local weather and temperature.

13. How long is the install?

On average, we can complete the installation in two hours.